Who We Serve

We work with individuals and families to provide insightful education, comprehensive financial planning, and complete wealth management.

Our priorities are you, your family, and your future. We need to understand what’s important to you, including your desired lifestyle, goals, and dreams for the future. Through our educational approach and proven process, we work together to design a custom plan that helps you make important life decisions with clarity and confidence.


Whether you’re nearing retirement age or in retirement already, we can help you live with confidence and peace. Our firm is exceptionally knowledgeable regarding distributions from employer retirement plans, stock options, Social Security, corporate bonus structures, sales of businesses, inheritance, retirement accounts, and pensions. Maximizing your income streams in the safest and most tax-efficient way, our goal is to help you enjoy the retirement you’ve always dreamed about.

Business Owners

You’ve built a successful business, and now is a perfect time to establish an exit strategy. The most tax-efficient exit plan often takes multiple years to execute, and our firm is passionate about helping business owners reap the rewards of their efforts. We can help you evaluate your options, assess your financial readiness, and create a plan to exit your business on your terms. Michels Family Financial offers everything from strategic planning and corporate structure to retirement planning and leadership development.

Women in Transition

What do you do when life happens and you find yourself suddenly single and it’s all up to you? You need a trusted partner to help you through these times of uncertainty. We are passionate about helping educate women to make wise choices for their financial future, and we can help guide you to financial security.

Growing Families

Imagine your finances are a jigsaw puzzle. Even if you have all the pieces, you may struggle to put them together. We’ll help you organize your financial life, address your entire financial situation, and continually monitor your progress as you work toward your goals. Beginning your career, getting married, growing your family, starting a business, and retiring are just some of life’s momentous milestones. No matter where you may be on your journey, we can help you maximize your financial situation.