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The foundation and driving force behind Michels Family Financial is our commitment to our core values, principles, and purpose. Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, we are a financial planning firm serving clients all across the country. Our strong core values translate into the plans we create for clients as we help them focus on their families, goals, and aspirations. Planning beyond just their investments, we are passionate about watching our clients live out their dreams. 


About Nick

As the founder, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and National Social Security Advisor at Michels Family Financial, a financial firm founded on principles, Dr. Nicholas E. Michels spends his days helping clients find financial confidence, clarity, and results they desire.

With 15 years of experience, Nick is passionate about helping others create a better life for themselves and their families, ensuring that their money is a blessing, not a stress-ridden curse. Nick prioritizes financial education, empowering his clients with the knowledge that will help them achieve financial security, peace, and happiness. Nick strives to build long-lasting relationships so he can design comprehensive financial plans that help them live out their dreams, using his proven Complete Wealth Management process.

As an accomplished basketball player, Nick became a two-time first-team All-American and Academic All-American basketball player at Dallas Baptist University and was DBU’s 2008 Male Athlete of the Year. This opened the door for him to spend many years traveling the world with Athletes in Action. Not only was this an amazing experience, but it also taught him a lot about pursuing something with passion and finding different ways to help and serve others. His athletic background helped lead him to this career because it gave him the confidence and ability to clarify needs and help his clients succeed.

Outside of work, you can find Nick staying active and spending time with his wife, Chelsea, and their three children, Daegen, Kinsley, and Nicholas Brooks.

Nick and Chelsea are enthusiastically involved in their Charitable Giving Foundation, “The Michels Corporation” where they organize and fund kids reading and educational programs, food drives, global missions, churches, families in need, youth sports camps, and all future causes God directs their hearts to help.  

To learn more about Nick, connect with him on LinkedIn.


About Chelsea

Chelsea Michels is co-founder, CFO, and Certified Investment Advisor at Michels Family Financial. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, including work with both Union Bank of Switzerland Wealth Management and Royal Bank of Canada Wealth Management, Chelsea is passionate about helping people build a future they dream of. She spends her days creating strong, long-lasting relationships with clients, with the goal of partnering to help them plan for their future with excitement, pursue financial independence, and have the freedom to do what they want with their time.

Chelsea studied finance at Texas Tech University. When she’s not working, Chelsea is a busy mother of three: Daegen, age 15, Kinsley, age 6, and Brooks, age 2. She loves going to all their events, including baseball games, dance class, and swim practice. Chelsea and her husband, Nick, love to travel with their kids and spend as much time outdoors as possible. She’s also involved in her church community, volunteering in the children’s and youth ministry.



About Julia

Julia Mark is Michels Family Financial’s Client Support Specialist. She spends her days fulfilling clients’ needs and requests, setting up accounts, managing paperwork, and helping clients stay on track toward their goals. Julia loves learning about clients’ lives and passions and does her part to make sure they’re happy and cared for. Her favorite part of the job is getting to be a part of her clients’ and their families’ lives, helping them every step of the way to achieve their vision of success and financial freedom. Julia is known for being an advocate and cheerleader for her clients, celebrating with them as they make their dreams a reality. 

Julia earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Arlington. She’s also a proud financial coach through Dave Ramsey’s Master Coach program. When she’s not in the office, Julia loves spending time with her family, friends, her boyfriend, Colton, and their dog, Bosco. Her faith is an integral part of her life. You can often find her with a coffee in hand as she enjoys the outdoors, bakes, and has fun with the people she loves.

To learn more about Julia, connect with her on LinkedIn.


About Chad

As a Client Support Specialist, Chad Notgrass has a passion for helping and serving others. He enjoys meeting new clients and getting to know them, forming lasting relationships that allow him to use his knowledge and experience to make a lasting impact on their lives. Chad is a Texas Certified Master Peace Officer and former police officer with the Saginaw Police Department, roles for which he has received numerous awards, such as Rookie of the Year and Officer of the Year. 

Chad is certified as a financial coach through Dave Ramsey’s Master Coach program. When he’s not serving Michels Family Financial’s clients, Chad is usually spending his free time with his wife, Virginia, and their two children, Chase and Jayci. He has spent many years volunteering as a baseball and softball coach and now coaches the DnD Dynasty 2k11 select softball team. The most important things in Chad’s life are God, his family, living with purpose, and strong friendships.